Cold Spring Days

April showers have cued in right on time in Chicago this week. 

My entire life I have been known to pick out outfits for the next day the night before. However, I have nights that are filled with too much homework and just have neither the time or the energy to plan an outfit. The mornings after one of those nights the famous pile of clean clothes on a chair emerges as I am rushing out the door. Lastly there are the rough mornings that usually happen during stormy weather or exam weeks. These are the mornings I quickly peak my head out the covers only to glance out the window and press snooze on my alarm for another fifteen minutes. Tuesday was one of these particular mornings, the skies were spritzing water as the wind was vigorously blowing off of the lake, and the air was crisp. Having an hour and half until I needed to be in the lobby at the Merchandise Mart for Style Max, I promptly began digging through my closet for something to wear. 

Style Max is one of the largest fashion trade shows to happen in the world and it just so happens to take place in Columbia's backyard. One of the major perks of going to school for fashion in a city! Attending this event I could not wear the typical college gloomy day outfit of rain boots, leggings, an oversized sweater, and a baseball hat to cover the current state my hair was in. I needed an outfit the was professional, comfortable, warm, and most importantly fashionable. 



I chose to wear my essential Gap charcoal ribbed bodycon knit dress (similar style). This dress is perfect for cold windy fall, winter, and early spring days in Chicago. The dress is not too tight that it will bunch off when you walk but tight enough it will not blow in the wind. Although it was a "cool" morning temperatures have been abnormally high this winter in Chicago. Trust me I am not complaining because this weather has allowed me to wear my leather jackets non-stop! My style and financial advice is to invest in a quality leather jacket. I wore my grey suede Cole Haan over the knee boots (similar style) to give an illusion that it is longer than it truly is and because it has a small thick heel making it look more professional. I would defiantly recommend these over the knee boots for anyone who has long feet and skinny legs, these boots actually stay up! I paired my blush Tory Burch work bag with this outfit. The blush tone not only adds a fun pop of spring color to this minimalistic ensemble but also looked more professional than a backpack.