Why Go Into The Fashion Industry? And Why Start A Blog?

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.
— Anne Klein

Has it really already been four years since I was getting ready to pack up everything and finally move to Chicago? A dream I have only had since I was five years old running through the fountain at Navy Pier telling my parents I was made to live in this city. 

It seems like yesterday, I was walking into my first class at Columbia - the thought of hating the fashion industry or failing out quickly ran through my mind. My mind began to settle when I recognized a girl I had orientation with and began reminiscing on how our summers had gone (spoiler alert she would became one of my best friends in college.) The first task our teacher gave us was to turn towards the person sitting next to you tell them what your dream brand you would want to work for was and what you liked specifically about that brand. While the dream brand to work for has since changed, I do still go back to that very same exciting feeling I had in the pit of my stomach that day to remember why I have chosen the fashion industry as a career. 

Many fashion majors including myself will tell you that the fashion industry is not all that we thought it would be our very first day of college. However, it is important to note that this does not mean that I have not fallen in love with the industry. I recently have had many discussions concerning the controversial topics surrounding the fashion industry with classmates, friends, and acquaintances. While many have asked how I don't get discouraged or feel lied to by the industry I respond with, "If we don't change the industry than who will?"

That being said I do not want this blog to be like any other fashion blog. The reason is not one single person's style is the exact same nor is ones personality. I want this blog to be a place to share my knowledge of the industry whether it be with up-coming trends, new technological discoveries I have found within the industry, increasing brand knowledge of transparent retailers, and most importantly I want to share my journey through this industry with you. My dream brand may have changed but my life long dream to impact this industry has never gone away! I hope you join me on this journey to see the magic this industry truly holds.

 - Carlie