New England Forever My Second Home

Seven years ago this August I left everything I knew behind and moved a thousand miles away from home. As for most emotional moments, I pushed off the thought of no longer seeing my parents everyday until saying goodbye to my mom in a crowded gym packing my backpack for five nights hiking in the woods. 


Watching my mom and grandma walk out the gym door thoughts of what on earth have I gotten myself into rushed through my mind; while quickly debating if I should run after my mom screaming take me home I can't do this. At that very moment the girl to the right of me who had the exact same petrified look on her face about having to hike through the woods for five days turned to me and asked how close to Ann Arbor, Michigan I lived to. Making me forget about the journey I was about to embark on not only for the next five days but also for the next three years.  



In those short three years at Proctor, I grew more as a person than I have ever had during my lifetime. I had the opportunity to become the person whom I wanted to be without any pre made judgments by my fellow peers. It would be an understatement saying it was one of the most liberating moments of my life. In three short years I learned how life and health can disappear in a blink of an eye, the value of true friendship, a shoulder to cry on is a must, to be open and welcoming to change and new experiences, and most importantly how to persevere in even the most difficult of times. To think we have gone through all these life lessons together is almost insane to believe.   

It now has been four years since I left the small bubble of Proctor and moved to the roaring city. Every time I return to the New England area it is like being greeted by your grandma with a ginormous hug the moment you step through the door. A few days after eating your favorite foods, stopping by the iconic places, and catching up with old friends you are reminded of the changes and new adventures that lie ahead. As you leave you're reminded of the values, characteristics, and principles New England taught you to have. Always leaving a little bit better of a person than you came to New England being. 

Flash Back Friday


Orientation Hike September 2010: Carlie featured in pink / Haley to her right

Orientation Hike September 2010: Carlie featured in pink / Haley to her right

Links to what I wore

Some of the items are from previous seasons or no longer available so I have linked a few similar pieces! 

Rompers: Nordstrom,  Pac Sun, Target

Earrings: Anthroplogie   

Necklace: Nordstrom  

Clutch: Tory Burch